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Best Beach Chair Reviews – 2018 Buying Guide

The feeling of relaxing at the beach, a cold drink in your hand, is something that just can’t be beat.  It’s the ultimate way to blow off steam.  Everything is perfect: the warm weather, the sound of crashing waves, and good company.  If this sounds like a paradise to you, it’s important to bring everything necessary to give you the best experience: a nice cooler, a big umbrella, and of course, comfortable beach chairs. We are here to help you choose the best beach chair for the money.

Best Beach Chair Reviews 2018

Tommy Bahama

If you are looking for a beach chair that has everything and is going to last forever, Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs are right up your alley.  Priced at just over $100, you get two backpack beach chairs and a medium tote bag with your purchase.  These chairs are stylish, durable, and have a great feature: they have padded shoulder straps built into the chair itself, letting you carry your chairs like a backpack!  This feature makes carrying these chairs easier than ever.

While they may be more expensive than some other competitors, these chairs are the real deal.  They’re lightweight, the frame is rustproof aluminum, and the seats are made from durable 600-denier polyester fabric, which supports weights of up to 300 pounds.  Know that they’re going to last a long time, and look great doing it, too.  But is there anything else to justify the $50 price tag a chair?  These chairs are adjustable to five different reclining positions, ranging from sitting up like a normal chair to laying completely flat.  If you can’t make up your mind on which type of chair to get, this is an excellent choice.  It also features multiple storage pouches, perfect for your cell phone and beverage.

Kijario Dual Lock Folding Chair

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and simpler, Kijario offers a great choice with their Dual Lock Folding Chair.  Priced around $35, this folding chair is similar to what you’d see at baseball games around the world, except it’s a quality product.

You can choose a variety of different colors that suit your style, but that’s not the only feature Kijario offers.  Their beach chairs feature a patented dual lock technology that securely locks in the open and closed position, ensuring that your chair is always safe.  This particular model also includes two cup holders and a mesh organizer, which is perfect for your keys, phone, and wallet.  The fabric can support up to 300 pounds and features a breathable mesh on the back, which is a lifesaver on hot, sunny days.  Moving the chair is as easy as unlocking the legs, folding it up, and sliding it into its lightweight carrying pouch. This particular one is in our opinion the best beach chair for the money.

While you won’t be able to lay out in Kijario’s Dual Lock Folding Chair, it’s still an excellent choice.  It’s comfortable, lightweight, and stylish.  Plus, it’s safe and lets you stay cool when you need it most.  What more do you need?

TrekUltra Tour One Folding Chair

TrekUltra offers the maximum comfort with their Tour One Camp Chair.  Don’t let its name fool you – this is the perfect chair to pick for when you decide to lounge around at the beach.  It’s tough, lightweight, and extremely comfortable.

Priced at around $70, the Tour One Camp Chair is worth every penny.  It’s made almost entirely of soft, breathable mesh.  The chair weighs just over two and a half pounds, and supports up to 350 pounds!  It even features two feet of extra back height, perfect for people who are just too big for regular beach chairs.  Plus, once you’re done with it, it folds up into a small package about the size of your forearm.  It won’t take up much room in storage, which is perfect for when you’re heading to the beach but your car is already packed tight.  And if you’re just looking to change spots on the beach, grab the carrying strap and toss it over your shoulder instead of packing it away.

The design of the Tour One Camp Chair is a bit different than other beach chairs, but don’t let that fool you.  You won’t be able to lay out, but you’ll be able to sit in comfort.


It’s impossible to relax if you’re not lounging around in a comfortable chair.  Simply buying a five dollar one from the store isn’t good enough.  They often break, but more importantly than that, they’re after painful to sit in and unbearable to spend any real time in.  How can you relax if you aren’t comfortable?  That’s why it’s important to choose a beach chair designed with comfort in mind.  After all, you can’t enjoy a margarita if you’re in pain, can you?

Reasons to buy your own beach chair

You’ve undoubtedly been to a pool or a beach and sat in one of the provided ones.  If you’re like a majority of the population, you’ve probably also sat in one that was broken, folded up on you, or made it impossible to get comfortable.  As a whole, most beach chairs aren’t designed with comfort in mind.  They’re often made cheap, and it shows.  Oftentimes, it’s better to bring your own beach chair with you whenever you decide to jump in for a dip.  Who knows who else used those before you?

Luckily, the best beach chairs are portable, so it’s easy to bring your own wherever you’re traveling.  If you’re mainly going to use yours to tan in your back yard, this isn’t too big of a problem, but no one wants to lug a heavy, unwieldy chair across the beach while searching for that perfect spot.  If you’re sick of buying a new set every year, buying a more expensive, nicer set is usually the best way to go.  After all, it’s better to buy something once and have it last you the rest of your life than to buy something cheap that breaks quickly.

Top beach chairs aren’t made with one singular purpose in mind.  Some are for tanning, others are for sitting up and watching the waves, and some are a combination of the two.  There isn’t any one chair that is going to work for every person.  It’s best to find a chair that suits what you’re going to be doing on the beach, do your research on it, and buy the best one.

Types of Products

There are two main types of beach chairs that you can buy.  The first is the traditional type that you probably have seen dotting beaches and poolsides everywhere.  They’re often composed of three moveable sections, which allow you to sit in them and angle your upper body and feet whichever way you want.  When you’re ready to leave, packing them up is as simple as folding the three sections together, picking it up, and walking away.  These beach chairs are made of many different materials, ranging from cloth to plastic strips, which are usually the cheaper versions.  Cheaper models of these beach chairs also break easier, especially around the gears that hold the sections at your desired angle.  Breaking them can make these chairs useless, as you won’t be able to lock in your desired angle.  You’ll be sitting close to the ground, but this design allows you to lay out, on your back or stomach.  These are great for sunbathing and laying down, though it’s hard to recommend them if you’re a serious beach goer.  They simply break too easily and aren’t as comfortable as other beach chairs.  Still, if you’re on a budget, they may be a consideration.

The other main type of beach chair is more similar in design to a regular chair, though it is usually made of cloth instead of wood, though they can be made of plastic, as well.  These beach chairs resemble typical folding chairs, but often feature slightly different styles, perfect for setting them up in soft sand.  More often than not, they’ll fold in two, though in some models, they’ll still fold in three.  The main different between these types of chairs and traditional beach chairs are that since they are more like regular chairs, you’ll sit in a much different position than you would in a traditional chair.  You won’t be able to lay out, or tan your backside, but you’ll be able to sit up and dip your feet in the sand, offering you a better view of the beach.  They’re often much more comfortable and durable when compared to traditional beach chairs.

There are also other types of beach chairs, though they are less popular.  Some are similar to a regular chair, but fold up easily into a storage pouch.  While these are usually seen at sporting events, barbeques, and any other outdoor activity, they are perfect for the beach.  They’re comfortable, lightweight, and extremely portable.  Plus, they often feature cup holders and some even have leg rests!  These are honestly one of the best choices if you’re going to the beach, though they’re often overlooked because many don’t consider them beach chairs.

What to Look For When Choosing a Chair

When looking to buy the best beach chair, there are some considerations to keep in mind.  The first is to find a chair style that fits your needs.  Not all chairs are created equally and for the same thing.  Traditional beach chairs are often used for tanning, laying out on the beach, or sitting up with your feet out.  You’ll be close to the ground and won’t have a good vantage point, especially if you like to keep an eye out for others in your beach party.  On the other hand, beach chairs that sit up high, like a normal chair you would find in your house, offer better vantage points and let you sit as you normally would.  However, they’re not good for tanning and may not be as comfortable as other styles may be.  Also keep in mind how you’re going to store your chair.  Some fold down and lay flat, while others collapse up into a storage pouch in a tube like shape.  If your car is full of people and gear already, you may have to consider buying a different type of chair.

Second, you need to find the best beach chair that fits your budget.  Cheap, bargain-bin chairs may seem like a good idea at the time, especially if you’re hard pressed for money, but they’re often made of cheaper materials and often break very quickly.  You don’t want to drive out to the beach, only to find that your chair was broken last time you used it, so buying a more expensive one is often a better idea.  Plus, more expensive chairs will often be able to support more weight and are made of better materials.  Cheap chairs are often made of cheap plastic and thin fabric.  More expensive ones use more expensive materials, which last longer.  They’re sturdy and offer more types of styles.  A nicer chair can go a long ways to giving you peace of mind that you made the right purchase.  This doesn’t mean you have to buy a $200 chair, though.

The last consideration to remember while shopping for a new beach chair is to find a type of material you like.  While this can tie in with the budget aspect of shopping for a beach chair, it’s important to find the material for the chair that you really enjoy.  Many cheaper chairs are made of plastic strips, which can break easier and can heat up when left in the sunlight.  Still, when sitting in them, the material can stretch, which can make sitting in them more comfortable.  Other chairs are made out of varying types of fabric.  These are usually a bit more expensive, but last longer than some other chairs.  Plus, they often have cool designs on them, which is something that allows you to find that perfect chair that suits your personality.  Some beach chairs are made out of mesh, which is strong, but more expensive.  It also doesn’t look as stylish as some cloth chairs.  Finally, there are some chairs made entirely out of wood.  While these undoubtedly last the longest, they’re often not portable.  If you’re looking for the best beach chair to take with you to the pool or the beach, these probably aren’t your best bet.  Material is an important consideration into the chair you buy.  It ties into every aspect of buying a top beach chair: style, price, and durability.

In the end, when choosing a beach chair, it all comes down to personal preference.  Find one that you can afford, fits your style, and that you think looks good.  Most of them are portable, many are comfortable, but it’s all up to you.

Below you will find our beach chair reviews. They are some excellent choices if you’re shopping for the best beach chair.  They’re all extraordinary choices: you’ll be relaxing in style and comfort.  Needless to say, there are many more styles, made of different materials, ranging in price from a few dollars to hundreds.  If you don’t know where to start, these are assuredly some smart choices.


Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

What good is it buying a set of comfortable chairs if you can’t take them with you?  Tommy Bahama offers a clever solution to this problem with their All Terrain Beach Cart.  While it’s not a chair, it’s the perfect way to hit the beach.

The All-Terrain Beach Cart is essential if you’re a beach-goer that has a family.  The cart features a removable tote bag, umbrella holder, and a storage compartment of 15 cubic feet.  It can carry 100 pounds of beach gear, weighs only 13 pounds, and folds up flat for storage.  What else can it hold?  The cart can carry up to four beach chairs, a full size 48 quart cooler, and plenty of other beach gear.  If you have sunscreen, snacks, and drinks, this cart will carry them all.  It’s also made of durable mesh, which means it’s tough and quick drying.

If you’re serious about investing in some comfortable beach chairs, you need to consider buying Tommy Bahama’s All Terrain Beach Cart.  There is simply no other way that carrying your umbrella, chairs, cooler, supplies, and other beach gear can get any easier.  If you’re sick of the hassle of going to the beach, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for.



If you’re ready to hit the beach this summer, you need some quality chairs to let you relax in comfort.  There are many different styles, and all of them are good choices.  If you decide to buy more than one, or have a lot of other gear to take to the beach, then a beach cart is a smart purchase.  After all, who wants to be lugging around everything when you can just roll it to your destination instead?  No matter which chair you choose, you can be sure that you’ll never want to leave the beach again!