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Best Beach Umbrella Reviews – 2018 Buying Guide

When you’re outdoors, the sunlight on your skin can be just what you need to warm up and relax.  But if it’s too hot, the sun can quickly become uncomfortable and dangerous.  Since no one wants to spend the next day as red as a lobster, slathering Aloe Vera on themselves to fight off a sunburn, staying in the shade can be a lifesaver.  When you’re out on the beach, though, finding shade can be difficult – unless you bring your own.  Bringing the best beach umbrella is almost a necessity if you’re deciding to hit the beach and catch some waves.

Best Beach Umbrella Reviews 2018

Tommy Bahama 2017 Sand Anchor Umbrella

If you’re looking for the best beach umbrella that’s sure to fit all of your needs, Tommy Bahama’s 2016 Sand Anchor Umbrella is right up your alley.  It’s cheap, has an eye catching design, and offers plenty of shade for the prospective beach goer.  Plus, it has a screw in sand anchor and folding foot pegs, which let you insert it easily into any material.

Priced at just a hair over $40, the Sand Anchor Umbrella is seven feet across.  Once it’s in the ground, this umbrella offers enough shade for anyone out on the beach.  It features a tropical design on the umbrella itself, in a green and blue striping.  The umbrella itself features a tilting and telescoping pole.  This lets the umbrella easily be configured to work for nearly anyone.  Plus, an extremely important part of the umbrella is that is has special aluminum undercoating on the bottom side of the umbrella, which provides even more protection from harmful UV rays.  It also boats a wind vent, adding much needed stability.

The Sand Anchor Umbrella is a basic beach umbrella that excels in everything it does.  It stylish, affordable, and will hold up well to all but hurricane winds.  It’ll keep you in the shade and out of harm’s way.  Weighing in at barely over four pounds, it’s also lightweight, perfect for portability.  If you’re thinking about getting a beach umbrella, this is an excellent choice.

BeachBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System

The BeachBUB All in One Beach Umbrella System is just like its name suggests: it has everything you need to set up your umbrella for a relaxing day at the beach.  The biggest feature of the BeachBUB is its ease of set up.  Unlike many other beach umbrellas which require screwing or hammering the pole into the ground, the BeachBUB simply requires that you fill its base full of sand.  This is something you can do to get the whole family involved in setting up the umbrella.

In addition to its easy set up, the beachBUB comes with an extra-large carrying bag that features a padded strap and handle.  Altogether, this umbrella weighs in at just under nine pounds.  It’s certainly not the lightest umbrella on the market, but the convenience it offers should not be overlooked.

Plus, the quality of the materials is exceptional.  It can withstand winds of up to 35 miles per hour.  It also features an extremely secure pole construction.  In short, this is the umbrella to choose if you want to be sure it’s going nowhere.  It’s perfect for families who can’t spare even a second to make sure that their umbrella isn’t blowing away down the beach.  While it costs more than others, at around $120, it’s totally worth the price tag.

AugBrella Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

The AugBrella sand anchor, like its name suggests, isn’t an umbrella – it’s an umbrella holder.  Priced at around $70, you may be asking why would you want to spend that much money on just an umbrella holder instead of a brand new beach umbrella altogether.  But if you value your umbrella, and don’t want to be seen chasing it down the beach after a strong gust of wind, this umbrella holder is for you.

What’s so special about it?  To begin with, it’s made from commercial grade materials and has a military grade auger.  In other words, there is no way this bad boy is breaking, no matter how strong the winds are.  The material will also never rust.  It’s stainless steel and is UV and impact resistant.  This is one anchor that you buy once and keep it for life.  All you do is attach the holder to your pole and screw it securely into the ground.  It comes in a variety of different colors, perfect for matching your anchor with your favorite beach umbrella.

You may not think you need the AugBrella, but you’ll soon change your mind when your umbrella blows over.  Investing in this product is a great idea, and when everyone else is chasing their umbrellas down the beach, all you have to do is avoid them.

Shade Science Floating Umbrella and Buoy

If you are the kind of person who likes spending more time in the water than on the beach, but hate being in the sun, Shade Science has the perfect solution to your problem.  Their Floating Umbrella and Buoy is just like it sounds: a floating umbrella that self-balances in the water.  It even features a five cup drink holder, letting you enjoy your favorite beverages without having to return to dry land to get more!

Priced at around $170, this umbrella works only in the water.  If you’re hoping to use it both on land and in the water, you’ll either need to find another product or buy an umbrella specifically for land.  But if you’re wanting to jump in the water and stay in the shade, this is for you!  It has a UV rated umbrella with a seven foot canopy that’s fully adjustable.  It’s easy to assemble and has an adjustable pole up to 80 inches tall, that’s also completely rust proof!  This umbrella is built to last.

While you might have better luck using this in your pool, there’s nothing that says you can’t use it while offshore of a beach!  If you choose to, prepare to be the envy of everyone around you!

Reasons to buy your own beach umbrella

Some people will say that one of the reasons to going out to the beach is to get some sun.  While getting sun is inevitable, concerns of skin cancer are a very real danger.  If you’re one of the millions who think too many UV rays are harmful to your skin, then shade is necessary.  Remember, if you care about those that go to the beach with you, simply applying sunscreen isn’t enough.  Limiting sun exposure is important, and one of the best ways to do this is underneath an umbrella.

When hunting for shade, you only have two choices on the beach: a beach umbrella or a beach tent.  Both are excellent choices, but often fit different needs.  Beach tents are mainly used by families and those with large groups.  They’re perfect for storing items and keeping small children out of the sand and sun.  But what if you want to go to the beach, set up your chair, and lay out, all without getting roasted?  Then beach umbrellas are for you.  While most models won’t keep your whole family in the shade, they’re the perfect choice if it’s just you and a loved one, trying to relax.  Plus, since you’re under an umbrella and not in the confines of a tent, you’ll be able to enjoy the pristine views of whatever beach you choose.

Not all beach umbrellas are created equal.  Some people will think that they can bring a regular umbrella to the beach and carry it with them, but this is a huge hassle.  Instead, investing in the best beach umbrella is always a good idea.  You want one that is big, stands up to wind, and will last for years.  We’ve picked out some of the best beach umbrellas for you that are sure to keep you cool, no matter what you’re doing.


Types of umbrellas

When you think of the beach, you probably imagine crystal clear waters, warm sand, comfortable chairs, cold drinks, and a massive beach umbrella covering you and keeping you cool.  If you’re one who goes to the beach to tan, you may think you don’t need an umbrella, but you couldn’t be more wrong.  Even if you want to get some sun, it pays to have a place to retreat to if you get too hot or get a bad sunburn.  With the harm that UV rays can do, it’s important to be able to take some cover if you need to.  While their main use is to block the sun, if there’s a spring shower, they can keep you dry, as well, especially for those who go to the beach to relax and not swim.  There really isn’t a good reason not to bring an umbrella with you to the beach.

Beach umbrellas usually differ from regular umbrellas in how they fold down.  Smaller umbrellas simply fold up around the handle.  Beach umbrellas, on the other hand, usually have the top of the umbrella detach from the handle for easier storage.  They’re also usually much more colorful and eye-catching when compared to normal umbrellas.  Most are large, perfect for covering not just you, but everyone else around you as well.  They’re also much tougher than normal umbrellas, as wind blowing in from the ocean can be much stronger than expected.

In general, beach umbrellas will either use a specially designed base or sand bags to anchor themselves to the ground.  In this way, you can ensure that they won’t be blowing down the beach the next time a big wind comes up.  Either choice is a good one, but it’s important to realize that these designs are absolutely necessary if you’re looking to buy an umbrella and not just a suggestion.  They’re a vital component to the integrity of the umbrella.

One of the great features of beach umbrellas is that most of them are treated to be even more UV resistant than normal umbrellas.  With the rising amount reported cases of skin cancer, this is more important than ever.


What to look for when choosing the best beach umbrella.

Beach umbrellas come in literally hundreds of different varieties.  Sizes vary considerably, as do prices.  It’s important to look out for what kind of materials the umbrella is made of.  Since they’re more likely to encounter tough winds than normal umbrellas, you want to invest in a nice, strong umbrella that won’t break or collapse under any wind conditions.  While looking at different materials, keep in mind the weight of these materials.  Prices can also vary as well, and this is usually tied to the quality of the materials of the umbrella you’re buying.  Finally, keep an eye out for additional features some beach umbrellas boast.

To begin with, recognize what you’ll be using your umbrella for.  If you’re hitting the beach solo, you can probably get by with a smaller beach umbrella.  Likewise, if it’s going to be you and a partner, you’ll need to increase to a slightly bigger one.  If you’re bringing the whole family, you need to buy a large umbrella.  You don’t want anyone left out in the brutal sunlight while everyone else cools off under the shade.  Things may get cramped underneath it, but at least you’ll be safe!

In general, beach umbrellas are made of tougher material than normal umbrellas.  You’ll want to check and see what each individual part is made of.  Don’t buy an umbrella with a nice, strong aluminum frame if it has a cheap cover.  Likewise, a good cover is useless if the pole breaks or the cover blows away.  In general, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about – most manufactured beach umbrellas are good quality, but it is something to think about.  Additionally, a company that uses a quality piece for one part of your umbrella is less likely to skimp on another.  If you’re buying a cheap umbrella with a cheap cover, chances are the pole isn’t going to be strong, either.

The weight of each umbrella is also something to keep in mind.  You’ll be lugging this around up and down the beach, hunting for your perfect spot, so you want to make sure it is nice and lightweight.  If you have something like Tommy Bahama’s All Terrain Beach Cart, you can probably ignore the weight of your umbrella.  But if you’re going to be carrying it, it’s something to keep in mind.  Bigger umbrellas, while offering the most shade, can also be unwieldy and difficult to carry around.

Once you have an idea of the size and type of beach umbrella you want, figure out how much money you’re willing to spend.  Like most products, price can vary considerably.  Cheaper umbrellas usually don’t last as long.  You don’t want your cheap umbrella to snap in two with a powerful gust of wind, so buying something to last is usually a smart idea.

After you know what kind of umbrella you want and the amount you’re willing to spend on it, check out each beach umbrella’s extra features.  Some feature a special screw base that lets you anchor your umbrella deeper into the sand while others feature different types of bases utilizing the sand from the beach.  Others feature special rust proof designs.  While these special features should not be a deterrent in picking an otherwise perfect umbrella, they are definitely something to keep in mind.

If you find an umbrella that catches your eye, but you feel it may not be as secure as you want, or if you just want to just be extra safe, you can always buy an additional umbrella anchor holder to keep your umbrella firmly in place.  This is not necessary, but more safety never hurts, especially on extremely windy days.  While there aren’t many recommended beach umbrella accessories, this is definitely one of them.

One last thing to look out for is the aesthetics of the umbrella.  While this is certainly not as important as the quality of materials used to build the umbrella, you still want to look good while out on the beach, right?  Many umbrellas offer different patterns and color schemes for the cover.  There’s probably one out there that suits your style perfectly, or matches up with your beach chairs.  Don’t pick a cheap umbrella just for the design, but keep an eye out for something you like!

Once you’ve checked your budget and found the perfect beach umbrella, buy it and hit the beach

To Wrap-up

If you are heading to the beach, there is essential gear you have to bring with you.  An umbrella is absolutely one of them along with beach chairs .  Dangerous UV rays can damage skin, and even cause painful sunburns or even deadly skin cancer.  If you care about your body, or your loved ones, there really isn’t another choice – you need to bring an umbrella to the beach with you.  Simple hand held umbrellas won’t do the trick, though, especially if there’s more than one person with you.  Because of this, it’s important to invest in a quality beach umbrella.  If you’re feeling adventurous, buying a floating umbrella may be more your style, especially if you plan to spend most of your time out in the water.  No matter what you choose, stay in the shade, stay cool, and most importantly, stay safe.